About Us

Our company was established in 1998. At the beginning we were operating as ‘Kaczmarek Transporte’. Our main client was Wurth company for which we were providing transport services in Berlin area. Thanks to the high quality of our services we have gained prestigious clients like Deutsche Post(2000) and Deutsche Packet Dienst(2001). It is worth saying that the companies mentioned above provide transport services nation and worldwide. That is why we, as a subcontractor, had to demonstrate the attitudes of best quality, professionalism and promptness.


Satisfaction of our customers transferred directly into substantial growth of our market share and the company in general. As a result in 2012 we changed our business legal form to ‘Unternehmenrgesellschaft’ and our name to ‘PL Logistik GmbH’.


Hard work of our couriers, drivers and warehousemen brought about dynamic improvement of economic results in the last three years of business activity. That is why, despite of the global financial crisis we are still looking for new subcontractors, giving them possibilities of development and creating new vacancies.


Currently, we have a fleet consisting of delivery vans and lorries including:

We employ 28 professionals with high qualifications backed up by long-standing experience and 17 subcontractors.


The motto of our company is: QUICKLY, CHEAPLY and SAFELY.